Will Civil Unrest in Egypt Effect Sales in the US?

The answer is yes, of course-but how much? According to the Wall Street Journal, multinational companies have halted some operations in Egypt due to the rvolt today and Egypt’s ports are closed; but the Suez Canal (a critical trade link between Europe & Asia) is still open to shipping traffic. If this canal were to close, it would have a greater effect on the international trade market, as ships would have to travel around the African peninsula.

As an international distributor of lip balm and other personal care products, our parent company, OraLabs, Inc., has customers all around the world, so we are very much aware of international news and how it affects American businesses. We sell lip balm, and breath care to over 50 countries worldwide and our international sales rep, Daniel Casini, says, “We have not heard back from one of our customers in Egypt. I don’t know if he has had to flee the country or if he has just had to halt business for a little while.”

When asked about how the conflict could affect US business with Egypt in the long term, Casini said “A change of government or ministry is not likely to affect our business with Egypt, unless a radical religious group comes into power, which in turn could affect business opportunities for US companies: much like what has happened in Iraq.”

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