Promotional Products Get Political for the 2012 Election

The first Presidential candidate bid by President Obama reminds us that it’s that time again-campaigns are gearing-up for the 2012 elections. So as we dust-off our handheld American flags and put on our campaign buttons, we should be pursuing and offering a wide-range of products to help local and national campaigns get the message out. So, let’s see what the campaigns are focusing on both locally and nationwide when they are strategizing.

Demographic is probably the biggest determining factor in a campaign-big or small. Get well acquainted with the campaigns demographic they are trying to reach. A great way to do this is by going to the 2010 Census Bureau website and look at national trends as well as specific trends for that area. This will help you make informed recommendations and show the client what a valuable asset you are by already having some background knowledge of who they are reaching-out to.

Get to know the campaign. What kind of message do they want to send? Or more importantly, what type of reaction do they want to evoke? The promotional product should match the message that is printed on it. For example: if the candidates big platform is on healthcare reform and they want to evoke the idea of socialized healthcare as the community coming together to take care of each other, give-out travel first aid kits that say “Because healthcare is a community effort. Vote for…”

Be proactive! Campaign teams have a lot to do and are very high paced. Getting your foot in the door is a big accomplishment, but you need to be organized and very quick. Put together a quick presentation with three options and why each of them would work with the campaign’s message as well as cost and any limitations. This way, it can easily be passed around and they have all of the information they need to make a decision and can compare their choices side-by-side.

By being informed, prepared, and proactive, you can give yourself a much better chance at getting the campaign the best promotional product for their PR initiatives. Don’t forget to check-out and contact us to partner with you to get the ball rolling with your campaign customers!

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