A Slippery Slope: Avoid Sunburned Lips with Lip Balm

While you’re out there having fun in the snow this winter, don’t forget how important SPF protection is. An area that a lot of people pay for neglecting in the winter is their lips. Lip balm with SPF 15 protection or higher can help manage the risk of chapped lips due to the harsh elements and blazing sun. Please take precautions to apply and re-apply lip balm this winter weather-even when it’s cloudy.

A recent study posted by the Archives of Dermatology lists UV readings for 32 of North America’s most popular slopes as well as adult skier/snowboarder sun protection habits. Want to help protect your employees, clients, and winter sportsman alike from harmful UV rays? Leashables.com carries a number of quality-tested SPF 15 & SPF 30 lip balms that can be customized with your logo and winter wishes!

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