Why Lip Balm?

When you think about promotional products, what are the first things you think about? Maybe the pens you get from your bank, the t-shirt from the last charity event you participated in, or that coffee mug you got at your office Christmas party. So where do personal care products come in? Specifically, lip balm.

As the largest private label lip balm manufacturer in the country, Leashables knows a lot about lip balm and how it fits in the world of promotional products. Lip balm is inexpensive, can fit any demographic, it’s portable, useful, and has a high impression rate potential.

With lip balms available for under a dollar, the cost per impression is extremely low. Every time your client uses that lip balm, they see your logo-and the great thing is that it goes with them wherever they go, so they can see your brand everywhere they bring their lip balm. Don’t forget, it’s useful. Everyone needs lip balm-kids, teens, adults, and seniors alike and they all will use it.

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