The “Quality” Close

Getting to “Yes” can’t always be about dropping your price. From time to time, you need to remind your customers that they “get what they pay for….” Take the price objection as an opportunity to remind your clients that your quality makes the lowest price difficult to achieve, but the value built into your price far exceeds the competition.


Emphasize quality over other factors, particularly price.

Talk about how other people will be impressed by the quality of the product.

Talk about how quality products last longer, wear less, require less maintenance, etc.

‘Sell on Quality, not on Price’


For a one-off payment you get non-stop quality.

The quality of this shows really who you are.

This will last for ever.

Once you try this, you will never want another brand.

This  product is far more reliable.

How it works

The Quality Close works by appealing either to the other person’s vanity or to their sense of longer-term value. For vanity, you are associating their identity with ‘quality’. For value, you are reframing price across time.

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