The “Companion” Close

One of the nice things about selling promotional products is that many of your customers may be small businesses; that could mean that you end up selling to a “couple” or business partners on a number of occasions. This presents a great closing opportunity: The Companion close. By creating an ally on the other side of the table you double your chances of getting to “Yes” and closing the deal.


Rather than sell directly to the person you are targeting, sell to a person they are with.

This can be a husband, wife, child, friend, grandparent, etc.

Start by being friendly with them (the target person won’t mind this) then gradually increase the selling to them.

Cast them as an authority (particularly as they buy into your idea).

When they are making approving noises or say they would like one, start selling to the real target of the sale.

Rope in the companion as a sales assistant.

If you are lucky, you might make two sales!


Hello young man, that’s a nice hat! Do you like shoes too?…Do you like these?

Good day sir, madam…You seem to like this too, madam…Which shade is best?…

How it works

The Companion Close works because the companion to whom you are selling the idea does not have to make a financial or other commitment and so will be more ready to agree with you.

When the real target of the sale sees that the other person has agreed, they are more likely to also agree, in order to maintain consistency with their thoughts of their companion being intelligent and to maintain harmony in their relationship with them.

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