The “1-2-3” Close

If you find yourself in a long winded pitch, it may be necessary to summarize your bullet points to your client. Try the 1-2-3 close to remind them in nice short terms why they should buy from you now.


Summarize in sets of three items. We will give you this, that and the other.

This may be features of the product, benefits or add-on sweetener items.

There are two ways to do this: they may either be closely related (to reinforce a single point) or may be quite separate (to gain greater coverage).

Most customers want products that are free, perfect and available now. This is the classic business measurement trilogy of cost, quality and time.


This product is cheaper, faster and more reliable than the competition.

The houses here are better-looking, better-built and better-equipped than those on the other development.

If you buy today, we will give you insurance, tax and a full tank of fuel.

How it works

TheĀ 1-2-3 Close works through the principle of triples, a curious pattern where three things given together act as a coherent set of three hammer-blows that give a compelling message.

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