The “Summary” Close

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The “Summary” Close

Need a new way to close your client? Try the “Summary” close. Sometimes all it takes is a simple review of the features, functions and benefits to get to “Yes”


Summarize the list of benefits that the other person will receive, telling them the full extent of what they are getting for their money.

Make it sound impressive, using full phrases and attractive words.

Go into detail, separating out as many sub-items and features as you can.

But also fit the description into a reasonable space of time. You goal is to impress them with what they are getting, not to bore them with excessive detail.


“So as well as the basic product, you are getting free delivery, a five-day exchange assurance plus our comprehensive guarantee.”

“This comes in an easy-carry box and includes a remote control, with batteries included, of course!”

How it works

The Summary Close works by repeating what has already been agreed. Putting it all together makes it seem like an even bigger package. This is particularly true when

The “Yes-Set” Close

Sales can be fun if you know actual closes when the customer doesn’t come to you with their wallet already open. There is a real art to sales, select your brush wisely!


Ask them several questions where the answer is easy to answer and is ‘yes’. Then tag on the question at the end for which you really want the answer ‘yes’.

The minimum set is usually three questions. You also do not want to over-do this, so either space out the questions or limit the number (although one research showed that eight yeses were needed overall before closure).

Encourage them to say yes by nodding your head gently as you talk with them.

If you need to hide the question, you can bury it amongst other questions.


Do you like coming to shop here?

Is it easy to find us?

Did this product catch your eye?

Are you ready to buy it now?

Will you want to take delivery next week?

How it works

The Yes-set Close works by setting up a repetitive pattern of ‘yes’ answers that gets the other person into a habitual response. When the pattern is established and they are automatically answering ‘yes’, then the question that you really want ‘yes’ to is slipped in.

Many people also do not particularly like to answer ‘no’ as they believe that it is impolite.

Let’s Get It Started!

We are so glad you found our blog, and we are really excited to get it going……

Since we are all in the business of business, we thought it would be fun and informative to do a series of posts on “the close”. As salespeople (and we all are, even if that’s not our title) we craft our conversations around the desired end result. One of the most important stages to get to that result is closing the deal, which are our actions taken to gain agreement.

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