Financing/Banking Industry

Wanna know how a lip balm can impact 25,000 people?

Take a look at this quick case study on how one little lip balm met so many needs all at once.

End Buyer:

TD Bank North


Lip balm


Piggy Bank Kids Program, giveaways at Grand Openings, giveaway when opening a new account, giveaway at sponsored events


To reach as many people as possible with the TD North name/logo during an expansion period.


With an order for 25,000 lip balm, Leashables secured a new account. The end user, TD Bank had a record number of new accounts opened, and as a result have had repeat orders over the last 5 years with quantities no less than 100k pieces per order bi-annually.

Now how can we help you secure an account like that? Contact Us today to find out.

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